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Purely Improvised Exploratory Music
The Philosophy
"Improvisation is unpredictable, it comes with great challenges but rewards us with blissful moments."

Comparing it to life, each moment is different, each moment is familiar, each moment is unusual, each moment is unpredictable, each moment is uncovered, each moment is new.
Axel, Bernie, Eugene, Nowick.
Pamela, Hon, Elena, Maury, Arif, Terry, Kato, Chris, Harry,
Karin, Rawberto, Stephanie, D.L., Tamara, Osnat, Caledonia, Kim...
joined in at various times during moments of inspiration.
The Bio
Four musical friends (Eugene, Bernie, Axel, Nowick) embarking on various journeys of pure improvisation, somehow channeling all the music they've absorbed over the years.
Most times they now are joined by other great musical friends and partners to create new soundscapes and danceshapes
The Music
Alternative, Experimental, Fusion, Funk, Ambient, World, Underground, Electronica, Indie...
Ethnic-Fusion, Tribal, Free-Style, Psychedelic, Modern-Creative, Post-Disco, Art-Rock, Meditative, Noise, Scat, Jazzy, Reggae, Proto-Punk, Humorous, Free-Wheeling, Primitive.
Whimsical, Provocative, Laidback/Mellow, Passionate, Eerie, Exuberant, Nonchalant, Trippy, Theatrical,  Earthy, Eccentric, Explorative, Quirky, Contemplative, Excited, Visceral, Playful, Wry, Moody, Spacious, Volatile, Organic, Strange, Hypnotic, Rambunctious, Spirally, Magical, Uncompromising, Transcendental, In the Moment.
Influences (sounds like, to be used as reference)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Prem Joshua, Parliament-Funkadelic, Grateful Dead, Olatunji, Fela Kuti, PIL, Mandrill, Perubu,
Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Primus, Red Snapper, Radiohead, Mickey Hart, T. Waits, PsychicTV, The Cure, Don Cherry, Miles Davis, Ossibissa, Dead Can Dance, High Tone, Throbbing Gristle, The Residents, Test Dept.
Black Hurura (Dub), Material...
Instruments used
A Multitude of Percussions, Variety of Flutes, Drums, Voices, Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Computers, Water, Sequencers, Car Parts, Air, Rattles, Bowls, Foreign String Instruments, Breath, Spirits, Souls, Kinetic Energy, Telepathy, Electromagnetic fields...