5 Bad Boys & a Girl Named Katrina

From the Sept 27, 2010 session, Hon & Pamela joins Strange Moon in this exciting off the wall and purely improvised session.

Prepare yourself, tune-in and drop-out!

Recorded Sept. 2010

Who played on this album?
Strange Moon: (Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene),
Pamela, & Hon.
1. The Man Permately Thought He was a Glass of Orange Juice on His Way to Beecher Bay (8:28)
(Free-Rock, Raucous, Gritty, Rowdy, Reckless, Outrageous, Psychedelic-Hard-Rock)
(More to come)
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Purely Improvised Exploratory Music
Strange Moon
Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene,
Nowick: Djembe, Congas, Dundun, Percussions, Flute.

Axel: Congas, Synth, Kit, Shakers, Dundun,Percussions.

Bernie: Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Kit, Percussions.

Eugene: Kit, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Synths, Percussion.

Pamela: Vocals, Dance

Hon: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Percussions, Congas.
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