Bon Voyage

Once again Strange Moon gets together before Nowick's departure to warmer climates, less than a month after the recording of "Moonrise".
"Bon Voyage" exudes of spontaneity laced with primitive rhythms, hues of psychedelic trance in an atmosphere of post-apocalyptic lounge.
Along with Pamela and Elena,
Caledonia and Kim joined in on a few tracks.

Recorded November 2006

Who played on this album?
Strange Moon: (Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene),
Pamela, Elena, Kim, & Caledonia.
1. BC Jam (5:21)
(Primitive Disco, Tribal-Funk, Drum Bass)
2. Slow Go (9:36)
(Lingering, Proto-Punk)
3. Long Go (7:50)
4. Hold On (7:50)
(Contemplative, Free Flowing, Chill-Lounge)
5.Cortenicus (6:54)
6. Farang (7:26)
(Ethnic Fusion, Hypnotic, Explorative, Indie)
7. Toad Rock (12:15)
(Dance, Drum Bass, Funk, World Dub) 
8. Red Liner (6:40)
(Boogie-Woogie, Shuffle, Jungle-Rock)
9. Arriba (9:03)
10. Pray For Me (7:07)
11. Beans & Rice (12:35)
Strange Moon
Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene,
Purely Improvised Exploratory Music
Nowick: Djembe, Congas, Dundun, Percussions, Flute.

Axel: Congas, Keyboard, Kit, Shakers, Dundun,Percussions.

Bernie: Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Kit, Percussions.

Eugene: Kit, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Synths, Percussion.

Pamela: Vocals, Dance

Elena: Vocals, Dance

Kim: Electric Guitar, Percussions

Caledonia: Vocals, Percussions, Keyboard.
Monnrise-Oct 2006
Bon Voyage-Nov 2006
...Cuckootribe-Nov 2008
Easter Jam_April 2009
...Itchy-i-Lounge-June 2009
12. Circus Boy (8:15)
13.  Crapshooter (4:20)
14. Water (7:29)
15.  Roll Out the Barrel (2:57)
16. We are Family (4:27)
17. Mark on a Journey (19:45)
(Primal Trance-Fusion, Hypnotic, World-Funk)
18. Thuja Theme (8:49)
(Afro-Rock, Jazz Funk, Prog. Rock, Blues Fusion)
19. Sooke Strut (7:43)
( Prog. Funk, Afro-Rock, Excited, Uncompromising)
20. Prayer Song (5:40)
(Chants, Shamanistic, Journey, Trance)
21. Vamp (10:35)
(Playful, Country-Blues, Whimsical)