Easter Jam

Strange Moon dabbles into more of a psychedelic journey, with rock and electronic rhythms,
atmospheric ambiances, and tribal dervish like whirlwinds,
making this short session into something a little different from the previous 3 albums,
but not walking away from their natural self.

Recorded April 2009

1. Atmospheric (6:19)
(Ethnic-Trance, Electro-Meditative, Modern, Ambient)
2. Transcendental Wood (9:50)
( Psychedelic, Trance-Fusion, Shamanistic, Spirally)
3. Smiling Faces (9:57)
(Exploratory, Dub-Reggae, Trippy)
4. Didgeriday (6:54)
(New-Wave, Dark Fusion, Psychedelic Rock)
5. Irish Song (2:42)
(Ambient, Melancholic, Traditional)
6. Mandalay (7:53)
(Word,Jungle, Afro-Fusion, Techno-Tribal, Trance)
7. Interlude (0:56)
(Silly, Interlude)
8. Wood, Metal, Hide (5:15)
(Experimental, World, Traditional)
9. Lonely Avenue  (1:54)
(Bluesy, Low Key, Moody)
Purely Improvised Exploratory Music
Who played on this album?
Strange Moon: (Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene),
& Pamela.
Strange Moon
Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene,
Nowick: Djembe, Congas, Dundun, Percussions, Flute.

Axel: Congas, Synth, Kit, Shakers, Dundun,Percussions.

Bernie: Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Kit, Percussions.

Eugene: Kit, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Synths, Percussion.

Pamela: Vocals, Dance

Elena: Vocals, Dance
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