June, 2009
Sept, 2009
April, 2010
July , 2010

A very exploratory album with a primitive and instinctive spontaneity

~  Cookie (9:36)
(Raw-Funk, Rap-Scat, Wacky, Mayhem, Eccentric)

~  Moonrise (6:54)
(Meditative, Art-Rock, Moody, Trippy)

~  Church Funk (5:43)
(Slow-Funk, Psychedelic, Prog Rock, Exploratory)
Bon Voyage

Laced with primal rhythms on a bed of rock foundations.
Brothers & Sister of Invention, In the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe

Bolder , more assertive, taking their journey to a new level with their unpredictable signature.

~  You’re All right (7:49)
(Funk Rock, Proto-Punk, Indie, Underground)

~  1959 (4:52)
(Enthusiastic, Rambunctious, Crazy, Tribal, Eccentric)

~  Strechinit (11:05)
(Transcendental, Eerie, Free-Jazz, Provocative)

1. BC Jam  (5:21)
(Primitive Disco, Tribal Funk, Drum & Bass)

4. Hold On  (9:19)
(Contemplative, Free Flowing, Chill-Lounge)

6. Farang (7:26)
(Ethnic Fusion, Hypnotic, Explorative, Indie)

7. Toad Rock (12:15)
(Dance, Drum Bass, Funk, World Dub)

17. Mark on a Journey (19:45)
(Primal Trance-Fusion, Hypnotic, World-Funk)

18. Thuja Theme (8:49)
(Afro-Rock, Jazz Funk, Prog. Rock, Blues Fusion)

19. Sooke Strut (7:43)
( Prog. Funk, Afro-Rock, Excited, Uncompromising)

20. Prayer Song (5:40)
(Chants, Shamanistic, Journey, Trance)

21. Vamp (10:35)
(Playful, Country-Blues, Whimsical)
Monnrise-Oct 2006
Bon Voyage-Nov 2006
...Cuckootribe-Nov 2008
Easter Jam

Psychedelic journey of tribal rock & electronic rhythms with dervish like atmospheres.
The Zonics Play The Itchy-i Lounge

Back in the saddle with this crazy post apocalyptic lounge adventure!
Easter Jam_April 2009
...Itchy-i-Lounge-June 2009
Sept 12, 2010
The Zonics do the Junebug Dance

(September, 2009)
(April, 2010)
Sept 27, 2010
Strange Light
(July 2010)
Pink Bubbles

5 Bad Boys and a Girl Named Katrina
(Sept. 27, 2010)
1. Atmospheric (Sailing Prt02) (6:19)
(Ethnic-Trance, Electro-Meditative, Modern)
2. Transcendental Wood (9:50)
(Psychedelic, Trance-Fusion, Shamanistic, Spirally)
3. Smiling Faces (9:57)
(Exploratory, Dub-Reggae, Trippy)
4. Didgeriday (6:54)
(New-Wave, Dark-Fusion, Psychedelic Rock)
5. Irish Song (2:42)
(Ambient, Melancholic, Traditional)
6. Mandalay (7:53)
(World, Jungle, Afro-Fusion, Techno-Tribal, Trance)
7. Interlude (0:56)
(Silly, Interlude)
8. Wood, Metal, Hide (5:15)
(Experimental, World, Traditional) 
9. Lonely Avenue (1:54)
(Bluesy, Low Key, Moody)
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1. Mice In The Reactor (5:10)
(Raw, Tribal, Avant-Garde, Silly, Humorous)
2. Control Room Blues  (4:54)
(Techno-Fusion, Tribal, Experimental, Groovy, Raucous)
3. Sunday Church with a Spoonful of Tea  (5:45)
(Bluesy, Soul Searching, Ambient, Sultry, Moody)
4. Donald Wants to Rock (4:59)
(Indie\Techno\Dance\Rock, Rough, Thumpy)
5. Sufisie (6:24)
(Meditative, Primitive, World, Ethnic)
6. Open The Gates  (9:54)
(Haunting, Mysterious, Halloweenish)
7. The Itchy-i Lounge (6:10)
(So-French, Kool, Lounge, Suave, Sultry)
8. Cat Chemistry from ChemisCatry (8:29)
(Psychedelic, Trance, Tribal )
9. Dreaming of You  (4:53)
(Humble, Introspective, Meditative, Reverant )
1. The Man Permanently Thought He was a Glass of Orange Juice on His Way to Beecher Bay (8:28)
(Free-Rock, Raucous, Gritty, Rowdy, Reckless, Outrageous, Psychedelic-Hard-Rock)
(More to come)
The 12th Aspergillus

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April , 2011
Forgotten Ones
2006- 2011
Sept. 2012
The Forgotten Ones
(2006 - 2011)

Collection of songs from various sessions that never made it on any previous albums.
Message from the Owls of Jupiter

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Coming Soon with some audio tracks !

Coming Soon with some audio tracks !

Coming Soon with some audio tracks !

Coming Soon with some audio tracks !

Coming Soon with some audio tracks !

(Nov, 2006)
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(April, 2009)
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...Itchy-i-Lounge-June 2009
Easter Jam_April 2009
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