This is the first time that Axel, Nowick, Bernie and Eugene joined their creative spirits, complemented by the inspiring presence of Pamela and Elena joining with dances and vocals, and recorded what happened on this very special night.
A very exploratory album with a primitive and instinctive spontaneity.

Recorded October 2006

Who played on this album?
Strange Moon: (Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene),
Pamela, & Elena.
1. Coming Home (5:38)
(Tribal, Primitive, Raw)
2. Beaver Trot  (5:44)
(Slow, Primitive)
3. Cookie (9:36)
(Raw-Funk, Rap-Scat, Organic, Eccentric)
4. Soli (7:50)
5. Moonrise (6:54)
(Meditative, Art-Rock, Moody, Trippy)
6. Madley (7:41)
(Humorous, Excited, Silly, Primitive, Avant-Garde)
7. A Line (25:42)
(Fun, Tacky, Retro, Cheezy-Techno)

Purely Improvised Exploratory Music
Strange Moon
Nowick, Axel, Bernie, Eugene,
Nowick: Djembe, Congas, Dundun, Percussions, Flute.

Axel: Congas, Keyboard, Kit, Shakers, Dundun,Percussions.

Bernie: Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Kit, Percussions.

Eugene: Kit, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Synths, Percussion.

Pamela: Vocals, Dance

Elena: Vocals, Dance
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Easter Jam_April 2009
...Itchy-i-Lounge-June 2009
1. Church Funk (9:43)
(Exploratory, Slow, Existential)
2.  Walkin On (9:41) 4
3. You’re All right (9:58)
(New Wave / Funk, Punkish, Indie, Underground)
4. 1959 (4:52)
(Enthusiastic, Rambunctious, Crazy, Tribal, Eccentric)
5. Celebrate (11:57)
6. Be All Right (7:47)
7. Strechinit (11:05)
(Explorative, Transcendental, Eerie, Laidback, Provocative)
8. Dance (5:34