~ Jan 31~
"Beautiful as You Are"

For something exquisitely pleasing to the eye, we added our latest song, to this great video morphing done by Philip Scott Johnson.
From the album, "5 Bad Boys and a Girl Named Katrina" (Sept,2010)
Hon Chow joined us as a guest musician. Enjoy!
REMEMBER: Our music is Purely Spontaneous Improvisation
and always Exploratory making it quite Unpredictable!
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~ Gingerblaze: Love the vid choice! Fantastic!
~ Brian Stocker: Nice! 
~ Heather Steel Very cool. Funky music!! Thanks for sharing this. :) heather
~  Robert Cerins : Tanks for sharing the beautiful experience you had. Love Rawberto
~ Kathy Biden:  Enchanting to say the least !!!
~ Ruby Slippers Beautiful guys! ;love it!
~ Gary Johnson Yup, that was good alright. I enjoyed it very much, Eugene.\
~ Doreen Webb love this piece. can i re-post it? what is Hon Chow playing?
~ Abbie De La Cruz very nice .. thanks !!
~ Denise Rempel  Fab!!
~ Paul Monfette Beautiful......Thank you Eugene......Love ......Paul.....
~ Melanie Lichtinger Exquisitly morphing Women in Art, woven together with Strange Moon's                  
                                     unpredictable music! I LOVED it! Thank you Eugene, Hon, and unbeknownst: Philip
                                     Scott Johnson! VERY apropos Neptune / Venus Archetype...

~ Jan 11 ~
Strange Moon takes a meditative look at sailing and at those who have traveled through large bodies of water, mainly oceans.
Using some video footage from Christian Tirtirau and Stephen Sails, Strange Moon tried to synthesize in a few minutes what actually represents days, weeks and sometimes months of perilous, magical, contemplative, exciting and sometimes introvert journeys experienced by these sailors, past or present. Enjoy!

~ Robert Cerins Fantastic Well done Cameron and I really enjoyed this piece. Thanks
~ Kathy Biden Very Calming and easy on the ears..Brilliant as usual ;) !1
~ Gary Johnson Captivating ! I've been on a boat sailing between the Hawaiian Islands as well. This 
                       video brought me right back into that experience. A powerful effect.
~ Tony Thunderfoot 'wow' this is real different sounding yet interesting in the way the vid coincides with
                                  the very airy type of music cool man cool ((T.T.))
~ Nowick Gray   hey, good stuff - really captures the whole spirit and essence of the piece. Vivid footage
                            I was almost ready to get seasick... ; ) I like the whales, too - made some of the
                           electronic effects sound very whale-songish.
~ Navaro Franco very nice music, fits the mood of sailing scenes perfectly this is really   beautiful. 
                           Obviously this is one of your passions? Such Oneness, Such wonder, Such Wild.
~ Scott Shane feeling a little sea sick....cool track.
~ Oliver Mitchell    I like the flow of this a lot !
~ Hilarie Ann Higgins  Thank you! I loved it! Mermaid`
~ Hon Chow Soul beautiful brother;-) Thanks for sending this sculpture,..Love it star brutha;-)

~ Dec 26 ~
This trippy psychedelic song with some dub-reggae atmosphere inspired the making of this video, "Dream Keeper" is filled with colors that could easily be mistaken for some hallucinations or weird flash back of some sort, so be cautious, prolong exposure might give people the impression that you have traveled through time and forgot to come back. Extracted from our 3rd album "Brothers and Sister of Invention in the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe" (Sept, 2008)Enjoy

~ Gary Johnson: Enjoyed it immensely !
~ Scott Shane: good one!!
~ Thom Southwood Heavy!
~ Fritz Schulze: Very Slick!
~ Karen Stones: love it! feels good... I mean the music...not the egg-nog!
~ Jasmine Mist Awesome. Thanks
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Dec 04 ~
  "Transcendental Wood"
  Selected from the "Easter Jam" album,  recorded in the fall of 2008,
This song started as a simple rhythm on a wood block and slowly developed into a psychedelic experience crystallizing itself into a memorable  slice of life, and showing Strange Moon coalescing into a new phase of synchronicity

~ Nowick Gray: good choice (and mixing), Moonbro!
~ Kathy Biden Awesome ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it comin S/M !!!
~ Fonz Zay sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Denise Rempel Amazing - my fav so far! Love you guys

~ Nov 25 ~


        Selected from the "Pink Bubbles" album, a short and sweet 2 minute contemplative video made with Nowick's photos taken on his trip to Hawaii, scenes of Wailea, Makena and Maui Meadows, Maui, Hawaii, 2010. The song is also available on a new compilation release, "Bamboo Grove"
Flute and photos by Nowick Gray, http://www.cougarwebworks.com

~ Brian Stocker: Nice!
~ Fritz Schulze: A perfect relaxing trance. Yay Strange Moon
~ Denise Rempel: Nice - indeed Hope to go there one day....
~ Margaret Rose:  Lovely gift of wind songs wafting over the waves and through the trees and
                                sand. The contrast with the lava rocks and scrub brush in the non-irrigated 
                                sections is stark. Thank you for a return to the beach--was it only 2 weeks ago 
                               when we left you? DARN! Wish we were still there!
~ Linda O'Connor: Aaah this is the Wailea I remember,i ncluding the sense of peace from your
                                photos of new life, peace and the soft sounds of the flute.
                                Thank you Strange Moon
~ Oliver Mitchell:  Now & Zen I like bamboo groove too ! Thanks for the link
~Gary Johnson: Thanks... It has been many,many moons since my brief visits to both Makena and

Oct 15 ~
  "Black South Snow within a Spiral Cove"
        Selected from "The Brothers and Sister of Invention in the Land of The Cuckoo Tribe" album,
a combination of two songs that starts with a Techno-Roots approach colored by "Mowtownish" hues,
that progresses into a tribal groove tainted with excited World-Beat rhythms.

~ Thom Southwood: Very aquatic.
~ Ruby Slippers: Awesome tune...! LIKE LIKE LIKE

~ Oct 08 ~
  "Nepali Pass"
  Selected from
"The Brothers and Sister of Invention in the Land of The Cuckoo Tribe" album,
the song was used as a background to this compilation of beautiful images taken during Nowick's trip to Nepal. Nepali Pass has earthy, organic, meditative melodies with unusual and strange sounds .

~ Sept 24~
  "Chocolate Funk"
        Selected from the "Strange Light" album.
We were jamming on a Funk theme reminiscent of the early days of
Parliament with some Psychedelic-Soul over tones

~ Margaret Rose: The creativity knows no bounds with you guys..love the name and image.
~ Linda O'Connor:  Bit of chocolate too ;-)
~ Dante Chicano: awesome...i'm loving it!!!
~ Ruby Slippers: Thanks soo much! keep'em coming.. they are my weekly highlight! Loves me  
                              some good tunes! Even better when made by such groovilicious people!

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