The Zonics PlayThe Itchy-i Lounge

Recorded June 12 2009

Back in the saddle with this crazy post apocalyptic lounge adventure!

Again in another purely improvised session,
"The Zonics Play The Itchy-i Lounge"

Monnrise-Oct 2006
Bon Voyage-Nov 2006
...Cuckootribe-Nov 2008
Easter Jam_April 2009
...Itchy-i-Lounge-June 2009
Forgotten Ones
On this album:

Axel: Congas, Synth, Kit, Shakers, Dundun,Percussions.          
Bernie: Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Guitar, Kit, Percussions.      
Eugene: Kit, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Synths, Percussion.    
Nowick: Djembe, Congas, Dundun, Percussions, Flute.                   
Pamela: Vocals, Dance
Strange Moon's Radio Station